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Judy Bromley and Debbie Rowley

Looking after your employees is just as important as looking after your teeth. This is the message from Judy Bromley, practice manager at Bridge Dental Smiles in Telford as three members of staff reach employment milestones.

Dental nurse and radiographer Debbie Rowley has just celebrated her thirtieth year at the practice and 2014 also sees dental receptionist Rose Phillips celebrate her twenty-fifth year  at the practice.

Debbie explained how much she loves the job and the patients and how the team are like a big family:

“I can’t see me doing anything else. Everyone fits in well with each other. I have friends that complain about their jobs but I really love it here. I also get to do a lot of courses, which keeps me up to date with everything that is going on in the dentistry world.”

“Trust is a key. Judy and Simon put a lot of trust in us to do our jobs and we do the best we can do.”

Judy Bromley explained why continuity in staff was so important for a dental practice.

“Patients can be nervous about coming to see a dentist so if they always have contact with the same person then it helps to make the whole visit easier.”

Achieving this this requires understanding of views and roles, continued Judy,

“My philosophy in life is to always look at the other persons point of view, whatever the issue. If you do this you can often understand why a person has acted in that way. Simon and I never see ourselves as being more important than the people working for us. Everybody has an equal role to play in the business.”