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Dental Hygienist

Hygienist Services

At Bridge Dental Smiles we have two Dental Hygienists offering treatment in Telford.

Maybe you have seen a hygienist in the past or maybe you know someone that has been to the hygienist for a ‘scrape and polish’ or a ‘descale’.  A visit to the hygienist is so much more than this.

What to Expect:

During your visit to the hygienist, they will of course thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque, tartar and stain, but more importantly than this we will teach you how to maintain healthy teeth and gums with a tailored daily oral hygiene regime, demonstrating the correct use of an electric tooth-brush, floss and interdental brushes.

Modern dentistry is all about prevention and by looking after our mouths we can prevent decay, bleeding gums and eventual tooth loss.

How often should you see a hygienist?

The frequency of your visits will be determined by your clinical needs but also by your own desire to have your teeth professionally cleaned and polished.

What if I have Sensitivity?

Don’t worry if you have sensitive teeth, our hygienist can help you manage that effectively too. If your teeth are sensitive during treatment, we can even use a local anaesthetic to make the procedure pain free. If you have had gum disease then this can often lead to tooth sensitivity due to gum recession, or shrinkage, which exposes the roots of the teeth. Our hygienists can treat your sensitivity by applying various desensitising varnishes and recommending the best types of sensitive toothpaste to use.

What other services do the hygienists provide?

Bad breath treatment: 95% of bad, smelly breath is caused by gum disease, very rarely is it due to medical issues. Treatment with our hygienists and personalised homecare advice will lead to improved gum health and subsequent reduction of bad breath.

Teeth Whitening

After one of the Bridge Dental Dentists has advised and prescribed tooth whitening, our Hygienist will supervise and monitor your whitening treatment.

Teeth polishing and stain removal

If you want to look your best for a special event then you are most welcome to visit our Hygienist for a tooth polishing session to leave your teeth feeling and looking clean. They will remove any visible scale and stains on the teeth and will then polish the teeth with an air polisher, or conventional brush system.

Fissure Sealants

We often advise the use of fissure sealants for our younger patients. A fissure sealant is a white resin applied to the fissures, which are the grooves on the back teeth. This is the area where decay will often start as it can be difficult to keep them clean, leaving sugar in the fissures and allowing decay to start. The fissure sealant is applied to teeth which we think are likely to decay and we suggest doing this before the decay process starts. They are a preventative treatment, and the application is a quick and straightforward procedure. There is no need for anaesthetic or for any drilling!

Firstly, the tooth is polished, then a cleaning gel is painted on to the tooth. 20 seconds later the gel is washed off and the tooth is dried. The fissure sealing resin is then painted on to the tooth and it is set by shining a blue light onto the tooth for about 30 seconds. It is a fantastic quick and pain-free procedure to prevent decay from occurring on a young person’s teeth. It is normally the molar and premolar teeth which are treated, and we would do this as soon as the teeth have erupted into the mouth.

Fluoride treatments

We often suggest the use of extra fluoride to increase the strength of the teeth. This can be used in various ways such as in toothpastes, mouth washes, or the form of a gel, or varnish. Our hygienists will discuss and advise on the most appropriate way of using fluoride and apply it where necessary.

Tooth Sensitivity treatment

Often following gum recession, or shrinkage, the teeth will become sensitive. This can be very painful and stops you enjoying many foods and drinks, such as eating ice cream or an icy cold drink. The Hygienists will often be involved in treating tooth sensitivity by applying various desensitising varnishes and gels to your teeth and will recommend appropriate toothpastes for home use.

Can anyone book an appointment with the hygienist?

You don’t even have to be a patient at the Practice to see one of our hygienists. If you just feel that you’d like your teeth cleaned, then we offer a direct access service to our hygienists. Just give us a call and we will arrange a visit for you.

Care for Dental Phobics Bridge Dental Smiles is leading the way for ‘dental phobics’ to access oral hygiene care, following a ruling by the General Dental Council that came into effect from 1 May 2013. With the General Dental Council’s removal of its barrier to direct access to certain dental care professionals, Bridge Dental Smiles encourages patients who are afraid of seeing a dentist to see a dental hygienist instead. The GDC ruling means patients will be able to request an appointment with a dental hygienist or dental therapist at Bridge Dental Smiles without having to see a dentist first.
“For someone who has bad childhood memories of seeing a dentist, the thought of going through the experience again can be traumatic. They may only need the assistance of a dental hygienist; however, previously to see a hygienist they would first have to see a dentist. Fortunately this has now changed.”
Explained by Dental Hygienist Sarah Russell

“This is really good news for patients who may not have seen a dentist for years but know that brushing and flossing is not enough on its own to keep teeth and gums healthy. Prevention is so much better than cure and a regular visit to a dental hygienist can really help to keep your teeth healthy.”

You can book an appointment now

You can book an appointment now to see one of our dental hygienists, Sarah Russell or Carol Butler. They can be contacted on 01952 613311.