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What is CEREC?

CEREC is an abbreviation for Ceramic Reconstruction. It is a fantastic way to restore teeth in one visit using state of the art digital Cad-Cam techniques. It can be used to restore any tooth with a very strong ceramic which is bonded to the tooth and carried out in one visit. Previously it would have been necessary to take impressions of your mouth, which many people find very uncomfortable, send them to the laboratory, have a temporary restoration for two weeks, and then return to the Surgery for another local anaesthetic, and then fit the new restoration. Cerec has changed the way in which we carry out dentistry. You can see the results in our CEREC Gallery.


  • One visit,
  • Preserves natural tooth,
  • No impressions,
  • only one local anaesthetic,
  • leave on the same day with a fantastic new tooth!
  • We can make crowns, veneers, inlays or onlays, in shades to match your tooth.
  • Superb fit which looks and feels like a natural tooth.


How is a Cerec made?

After numbing your tooth, any filling material or decay is removed. We want to preserve as much natural tooth as we can, as opposed to old fashioned crown techniques where the tooth is cut down to a stump shape. We then use a 3-D scanner to take a digital scan of your tooth and the opposing tooth, which then allows the software to design a new restoration for your tooth. This data is then wirelessly transferred to a milling machine which cuts a solid block of ceramic of the appropriate shade to an exact fit for your tooth. We then polish the new restoration and bond it onto your tooth. We can achieve a very strong bond onto your tooth, and this will strengthen the whole structure, look great, and feels like a real tooth. All of this is achieved in one visit of about one and a half hours.

How long does it take?

We book about 1 ½ hours for the procedure but much of this time is for the digital design, cutting of the ceramic, and polishing, and so is carried out away from your mouth! We often suggest you bring a book to read while you wait for your new restoration.

What are the alternatives to a Cerec?

Occasionally we will suggest a laboratory made crown, inlay or onlay instead of a Cerec. However, these will require the taking of impressions, fitting of a temporary crown, and an additional visit to fit the new crown.

Sometimes we may be able to offer a large filling instead of a Cerec but these fillings which are placed directly on the tooth are not as strong and should be considered as a stop-gap until a Cerec or laboratory made crown, inlay or onlay can be made.

Are there any disadvantages to a Cerec?

Cerec is about the same strength as natural tooth and will wear at a similar rate as the teeth. Sometimes in severe wear cases we may suggest a more resistant material such as gold or zirconia.

In highly aesthetic cases where the tooth that we are trying to match to is made up of multiple shades, then we will sometimes suggest that a crown is made by a highly skilled and artistic Dental Technician.


Always here to help

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