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Affordable Dental Care for You and Your Family

We believe we offer the best dental care in Shropshire (our patients tell us it’s also the friendliest). Being a family practice we know being affordable is important too. That’s why after you have had your first dental health assessment and hygienist visit, you will be invited to join our Preventative Care Plan where you will receive 20% discount on all dental treatments.

Standard Dentistry

New Patient Consultation: includes full dental health assessment and 2 x-rays and incurs an initial payment excluded from the scheme ofFrom £89.00 Special Offer From £85.00
New Patient Hygienist visit is an extensive tooth cleaning appointment and incurs an initial payment excluded from the scheme ofFrom £76.65
 PrivatePlan (20% discount on most treatments)
Dental Health Review (examination)£44.002 per year £0.00
Routine x-ray£11.00£0.00
Regular Hygienist Visit (scale and polish)From £51.102 per year £0.00
Extended Hygienist VisitFrom £76.65From £61.30
Direct Access Hygienist Visit (extended appointment for non-registered patients)£96.65n/a
Extractions (depending on complexity of procedure)From £91.00£71.80


Additional Services


Veneers, from£545£436


Cerec Restorations are designed and milled using computer aided technology and are produced and fitted in a single appointment, which also means no impressions. Includes X-rays. From£495£396


All of our restorations are carried out using the most up to date material and are bonded to your teeth using dental adhesives.
Tooth coloured fillings, from£93.00£74.40
Root fillings: Incisors (front tooth), from£325£260
Root fillings: Premolars, from£355£284
Root fillings: Molars( back tooth), from£425£340


Prices include design and fitting of your crown, the use of a Temporary crown made in surgery. Includes X-rays
Tooth coloured bonded crowns, from£595£486
Bridge work per unit£595£486
Implants from£2,300£2,300

Tooth Whitening

Perfect Trays£295£236
In surgery with trays£540£432


Full acrylic denturesfrom £495from £396
Partial acrylic denturefrom £390from £312
Metal, chrome cobalt denturefrom £530from £424

New Booking Policy

During and since the covid pandemic, the demand for appointments has increased considerably. We have unfortunately seen a much higher number of appointments missed and we are booked up more than ever before. We know that the vast majority of our patients are fantastic at attending appointments or letting us know with due notice if they need to rearrange and we thank you for that.

In order to minimise surgery time being wasted we are trialling a new booking system. Please don’t be surprised if you are asked to pay a deposit for your booking. This will be fully refundable when you attend your booked appointment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the team. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

All prices accurate at date of publication (21/06/2022). For up to date prices always ensure that you contact us directly. You can even do that via our online contact form which can be found here – Contact us