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Your smile is your greatest asset and it is amazing what you can achieve with a smile! A recent study showed that


85 % of people feel that an unattractive smile makes a person less appealing


74% believe an unattractive smile hurts career prospects


Only 50% of people are happy with their smile!

A healthy and attractive smile gives you more confidence, a higher self-esteem, and fresh breath, and with the modern cosmetic techniques and materials available to us today we can turn an average smile into a terrific smile! Virtually everyone can do something to improve his or her smile.

Confidence in your dentist

We are a caring and friendly team and understand the concerns of our clients.

We will make every effort to explain treatment options and procedures to you in clear and simple language. In order to be able to offer the latest high-tech treatments we attend many lectures and courses, and read numerous dental publications to keep our knowledge as up-to-date as possible.

Confidence in your treatment

Everyone wants treatment that lasts forever, looks natural and doesn’t hurt.

Well, nothing unfortunately lasts forever but we use only top quality materials and laboratories to produce restorations that have the longest life expectancy and the greatest chance for success. We will where possible offer to restore your teeth with natural tooth-coloured materials.

Confidence in your smile:

Are you happy with your smile?
50% of people are not!
Do you feel confident smiling in front of people?

Do you ever try and hide your teeth when you smile or talk to other people?
Do you photograph better from one side?
Do you ever look in the mirror and wish you could change anything about your smile?

Confidence of fresh breath

Would you like to be totally confident of fresh breath?

Q: Who gets bad breath?

A: Everyone can have some form of bad breath at some time. We all have a “first thing in the morning” bad breath which is due to reduced saliva flow through the night, and we can all have bad breath associated with being unwell. Anyone can suffer from halitosis, it is not age, or sex dependent but some of us unfortunately have it all of the time!

Q: Where does bad breath come from?

A: In 95% of cases the smell originates from the mouth, not the stomach as is commonly believed.

Q: What causes bad breath?

A: Throughout the whole body cells are continuously dying and being replaced. When anything dies it decomposes and generally smells, giving off compounds such as hydrogen sulphide, putrescine, and cadaverine. Lovely names! Bad breath is caused by problems in the teeth, and by gum disease. It is the bacteria that live on the teeth, the gums and the tongue which produce sulphur compounds that cause bad breath. In the mouth, our saliva washes the accumulation away during the day. But, at night saliva flow is minimal and that’s why your mouth tastes disgusting in the mornings. If you’ve got any gum disease the number of dead cells is increased and your saliva flow will not be enough to wash away the smells; hence you get bad breath. Unfortunately, the smelly sulphur compounds left behind in the mouth then make the gums more porous and the gum disease gets worse, a viscous circle.

Q: Can it be cured?

A: Yes! By restoring the mouth to perfect health and cleanliness, and with proper instruction about regular mouth hygiene, most cases of halitosis can be completely cured.

Q: How is it treated?

A: Your treatment is undertaken jointly by a dentist and our hygienist. Each individual is treated in a different way, as the cause of the problem will be individual in nature. Bad breath can be caused by wearing removable dentures, by faulty fillings and by crowded teeth. In fact any area in the mouth that is difficult to reach and therefore does not get properly cleaned will be harbouring halitosis causing organisms. By treating these conditions appropriately we almost always succeed in solving the problem.

Q: Can I do anything to help:

A: Yes.

Practice excellent oral hygiene ESPECIALLY between your teeth!

Clean the back of your tongue.

Use a new anti-bacterial mouthwash.

By maintaining a thorough cleaning regime you will help to prevent the start of halitosis. Please seek professional advice on appropriate home-care.

Various mouthwashes and specialist toothpastes are available from us to aid you in maintaining fresh breath. We will advise clients individually on the most appropriate products.