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Bridge Dental Smiles Gallery

A healthy and attractive smile gives you more confidence, a higher self-esteem, and fresh breath, and with the modern cosmetic techniques and materials available to us today we can turn an average smile into a terrific smile. See examples of techniques Bridge Dental Smiles have used to help improve our patients’ smiles!

Bridge Work

Fill unsightly gaps with bridgework


Improve crowded or crooked teeth with veneers.


Strengthen cracking or wearing teeth with crowns.


Correct discoloured teeth with Veneers

Composite fillings

Replace unsightly metal(amalgam) fillings with beautiful white (composite fillings.)

Ceramic crowns

Improve the appearance of your teeth, with ceramic crowns or veneers.

Ceramic crowns

All ceramic crowns look more natural than the more traditional porcelain bonded to metal crowns which are less translucent, bulkier and tend to have unsightly grey margins