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Tooth Whitening

Enjoy A Celebrity Smile For Much Less Than You’d Think

What do Cheryl Cole, Jessie J, Kimberley Walsh, Vanessa White and Konnie Huq have in common?

They all use the same Get2Smile tooth whitening system as used at Bridge Dental Smiles.

The really good news is that with us you don’t have to pay Harley Street prices. If you are on the Bridge Dental Smiles dental care scheme you can do as Cheryl does and pack your Get2Smile home whitening kit for just £175. There are three options to choose from depending on your budget and how soon you would like to see a difference. Importantly, when you choose teeth whitening at Bridge Dental Smiles you will be under the care of a qualified and experienced dentist and dental hygienist. While we can’t guarantee you’ll appear in Cosmopolitan, you will be amazed at the results. Call us now on 01952 613311 to book your treatment. It is most important that tooth whitening is carried out by a Dental Professional and not a beautician. Please look at the advice to people considering tooth whitening  from the General Dental Council.

Tooth Whitening

Perfect Trays – Ideal for patients not requiring an immediate result and who want some involvement with the treatment. 30 minutes, 2 x daily for 14 days£240£192
Get2Smile – Ideal for patients who do not like to have impressions taken or are not comfortable wearing trays. 20 minutes 2 x daily for 14 days£255£204
In Surgery Chairside Combination – A quick and effective treatment in the comfort of our surgery.


WhiteStrips, introductory discount£55£55

Healthy Teeth Whitening For Busy People

With research showing that more than one third of adults are considering whitening a great new simple and effective method of home whitening has been developed by Oral B. Whitestrips.


The thin flexible strips are coated with 5% hydrogen peroxide and conveniently conform to the shape of teeth. Patients wear the strips once a day for up to two weeks during which time they will remove 10 years worth of stain and whiten the teeth.


Used as instructed they are a safe and easy home whitening treatment and at a cost of only £55 are an affordable way to get professional tooth whitening that works.

Before & After Examples

Grey Teeth

Root Filled Front Tooth



Very Yellow Teeth

Trauma To Front Tooth



Tetracycline Staining



Very Yellow Teeth