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Simon Bromley

Simon Bromley, Dentist

We know that many people avoid visiting the dentist but to go from spending almost ten years avoiding the dentist to then looking forward to visiting the dentist – now that’s progress!

Julia from Newport had this experience and told us what made the difference:

“I discovered Bridge Dental Smiles Clinic last year, after almost ten years of avoiding all dentists. As a nervous patient who asks a lot of questions, Simon was extremely patient, friendly and informative. I felt immediately at ease, which was a huge relief.

The assessments and treatment are first class and, importantly, pain-free. Also the surroundings are very pleasant and there is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Simon and his team are just terrific and very soon, I will have my third appointment. Never thought I would ever say this, but I am actually looking forward to visiting the dentist!

Dr Julia Shaw, Newport, Shropshire

If you, or someone you know, has been avoiding the dentist then why not book an appointment to see Simon. Like Julia, you may even enjoy your visit.