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New Dental Nurse Joins Bridge Dental SmilesFollowing a family move to Telford, Katie Birch has joined the Bridge Dental Smiles Team.

32 year old Katie has been a dental nurse since 2002 and says that as well as finding the clinical work interesting, she also likes to talk to patients and help them relax while they are having their treatment.

“I like the different ways that we improve peoples smiles. The most interesting case I’ve been involved in is when I helped treat a rehabilitated drug user. His teeth were in a terrible condition but we were able to help give him a smile again.”

Always keen to develop, Katie would like to study for her radiography qualification:

“I’m very interested in what can be seen in an x-ray that you just can’t see by looking in a mouth.”

Katie’s Top Teeth Tips For Healthy Teeth and Gums

“As well as brushing twice a day, making sure you get to every surface, you should also;

  1. Clean in between your teeth at least once a day with floss or interdental brushes because regular toothbrushes just don’t reach those places.
  2. Spit don’t rinse, as leaving the fluoride on your teeth gives added protection.
  3. If you use mouthwash use it at a different time to brushing because you will be washing away the fluoride just deposited when you cleaned your teeth.”