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Stacey Busby Bridge Dental Smiles

Bridge Dental Smiles and its patients have been bringing smiles to frontline troops serving in Afghanistan by sending small parcels of much needed items. We came up with the idea when a staff member’s son, who is serving on the frontline in Afghanistan, said how difficult it was to get hold of basic toiletries in the field.

The team at Bridge Dental Smiles swung into action and started filling shoe boxes with the requested items and sending them to our colleague’s son. He could then share the contents with his colleagues.  However, as soon as patients heard about the idea they wanted to get involved.

Dental Receptionist Stacey Busby explained how the idea grew,

“We started with a few simple items like toothpaste and toothbrushes and mentioned what we were doing to some of our patients. They loved the idea and asked how they could help. We now have a list of requested items that we are allowed to send and keep a shoe box in reception for the collection. Some patients have donated money and some now call in to the practice just to drop off things like shower gel for the boys on the frontline”.

The team have been amazed at the generosity of their patients. Stacey continued,

“It makes me makes me feel proud our local community is so keen to support the troops abroad and shows the soldiers we are thinking about them and what they are doing for the country”.

The boxes are sent to soldiers serving right on the front line where there is no access to shops. The most popular items are shower gel, sun cream, lip balm and chewing gum.

Anyone wishing to donate small items can bring them into Bridge Dental Smiles at 2, Bridge Street, Wellington or call 01952 613311.